New Years resolutions

I know it’s extremely hard to believe but I still alive.
Lo se, puede resultar difícil de creer pero sigo viva.


New Year resolutions are those little lies you tell to yourself and swear you will accomplish for a HOLE year. Normally they last for one or two weeks and BOOM sayonara baby.
But since we’re all human we like to believe that this is our year and that yes, we are finally going to accomplish our resolutions. These are mines:
Los propósitos de año nuevo, que duran aproximadamente de dos semanas a un mes, son esas pequeñas mentiras que nos hacemos para sentirnos mejor con uno mismo y que juramos y re-juramos que este año si que si los vamos a cumplir. Pero bueno a todos nos gusta autoengañarnos un poco así que aquí van los míos:


 1-Start re-writting on the blog

jhonny D

Yes, I know, it was last year’s resolution but to be totally honest junior and senior year have been extremely challenging, I had little time left for this guilty pleasure of mine. Although I wanna give a big thank you to all my followers, specially those from Brazil, the US, Russia and Spain. Thank you for still visiting so much even though I barely write, you guys are awesome and the reason I still run this blog. In a couple of weeks I might have a response from college which is going to let me breath a bit more.

2- Eating better.

brokoli hate

I cannot complain of my metabolism, sincerely I’m the kind of girl who can pretty much eat what she wants but I am quite scared that that might change. So this year there will be less nutella and more greens, and tea, lots of tea.

3-More sports.

horizontal run

Yeah, VS fashion show also had a its effect on me. I do a lot of dance, lots. But this year I really want to be able to run without dying in the first mile. So more gym more yoga more running and less wining about it (which is my favorite part of doing sports).

4- To be able to survive this school year.

Senior year is a lot of stress, specially if you have the brilliant idea to join every single board/activity in your high school. Trust me a bit too much sometimes.

Fuck school

Also there is the fact that at some point of the school year you get the feeling you just can’t stand anybody because there is soooo much pressure on us, and exams and applications. So if I’m able to survive this year, I think I will be able to surpass anything.



That is pretty much it for me, if I manage to, at least,accomplish this four I would be more than happy.
What are your new years resolutions?

À bientôt.

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